Arundel Castle at Sunrise

As the country moves closer to a total lock down I decided to return to one of my favourite local locations this morning. Photographing Arundel Castle at sunrise can be quite an ethereal experience. If you are lucky you’ll find some atmospheric mist across the river. Not this morning alas, too much wind but I hoped as the sun rose it would illuminate the castle in some warm light.

I love the castle just before dawn. You get a fantastic contrast between the night sky, the street lights and the castle itself. I have photographed the castle a couple of times in the past mainly from the south bank of the river. Today I thought I'd explore what the north bank had to offer. There is some heavy excavation work being undertaken alongside the north bank and so composition opportunities were restricted by a large crane to the right of the castle.

From the path I could see a large area of reeds which I wanted to use in my composition. The wind was a little gusty and I wanted to capture the movement in my image. To achieve this I needed a longer shutter speed and in the image above set it to 1/5 second. Long enough to capture the reeds blowing in the wind but not long so that all the definition was lost.

As the sun rose the castle was lit up with some gloriously warm light and I was bale to capture the image I was after. I look forward to returning here as the seasons change.

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