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© 2019  by  Stuart Hutchinson

Chasing the Light - Water

Colonnade House, Worthing - 25th Feb - 1st Mar 2020

Daily 10am to 5pm

Water is an integral part of our landscape. I wanted to understand water, what it is, how it shapes our world and what impact we as a civilisation have on it. 


Photographing water is always challenging, it is rarely still and you can photograph the same stretch of water every day for a month and not capture the same image twice. Yet photographing water in the landscape is also calming. The motion, the sound, the smell has a profound impact on the senses.


From the tranquil stillness of dawn over Ullswater Lake to the turbulent pounding our coastline takes during the aftermath of a passing storm I have tried to capture all facets of this powerful element as it shapes the world around us.


Taken over a 6 month period these images depict water in the landscape across the UK.

Fine art prints are available to purchase. Prices start at £85.